Whose is this Song?

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Whose is this song

A film by Adela Peeva

The tune of a well-known Greek song can be heard in neighbouring regions and far beyond, attached to lyrics in different languages. Adela Peeva traced it through several countries, hoping, she says, to illustrate common elements of Balkan culture; instead, she found it reflecting ethnonationalist conflicts, with different groups making rival claims to “own” it. The film (55 minutes) will be introduced by Eleni Elefterias Kostakidis. After the showing Alfred Vincent will discuss its content, showing, with the aid of YouTube, how the same tune can convey a quite different message. The event will end with a brief QandA.

Thursday 15 March


Greek Community Club, 206/210 Lakemba St, Lakemba


Language: the film is in various languages with English subtitles; the introduction and presentation will be in English.

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