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george miller

The cinematographer George Miller and the Greek contribution to Australian culture

Lecture by Professor Vrasidas Karalis, followed by a Q&A with George Miller

George Miller is one of the most iconic figures of Australian and global cinema. He was the film-maker who, with Mad Max (1979), opened the way for the Australian cinema to become international. The lecture discusses the Greek background of George Miller and his visual aesthetics as well as his contribution to world cinema as a producer, writer and director. It also attempts a cultural reading of his films, like the innocent fables Babe (1995) and Happy Feet (2006), by suggesting that the central figure is the outcast who becomes accepted by an initially unfriendly and hostile society.

Date: Thursday 20 April

Start time: 6:30pm

Venue: Due to the temporary closure of the original venue, this event will now be held at Eastern Avenue Auditorium, University of Sydney

Ticket: Free

RSVP: 9750 0440 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Language: English

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