Sydney's Greek-Australian community celebrates Greece's historic struggle
for national independence in the early nineteenth century. The day is marked by a symbolic and solemn Wreath-laying ceremony at the ANZAC War Memorial, followed by a procession to Sydney Town Hall. The parade will be led by the students of the Greek Orthodox Community Afternoon and Saturday Schools, as well as young people dressed in traditional costume. At Sydney Town Hall, the celebration culminates in a special program which includes poetry, traditional music and dancing and speeches by political and community leaders. The Greek Orthodox Community of NSW, been annually organisers of the Sydney City's Greek National Independence Day for over 100 years, welcomes all to join the Greek National Independence Day celebrations.

Date: Sunday 24 March


1:30 pm Wreath-laying ceremony at ANZAC War Memorial Hyde Park

2:00 pm Procession to Sydney Town Hall.

Followed by celebrations
with traditional and contemporary dance and music.